2014-03-18  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: better layout for mobile devices
2014-03-09  Arun PersaudOnly show new players from the last 45 days
2014-03-09  Arun Persaudupdated css/js libraries
2014-01-05  Arun Persaudupdated copyright to 2014
2013-09-24  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: vorbehalte of all players were visible
2013-09-17  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fixed selection of spade and heart solo
2013-08-24  Arun Persaudset time interval to 30s for update check
2013-08-17  Arun Persaudupdate favicon if it's your turn.
2013-05-07  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fixed typo gametyep ->gametype
2013-05-06  Arun PersaudMake startup phase smoother: less reloading of pages...
2013-05-03  Arun Persaudin some cases the user has to reload the page to get...
2013-05-03  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: GT,gametype,mygametype variable, make it trans...
2013-03-31  Arun Persaudmention design of cards and project page for those...
2013-03-31  Arun Persaudadded a new set of LGPL licensed cards
2013-03-30  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated German translation
2013-03-30  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: marked more strings for translation
2013-02-26  Arun Persaudfixed language selection for end-of-game summary email.
2013-02-26  Arun Persaudmysql optimization: don't quote integers as strings...
2013-02-26  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: mysql needs to return NULL when nothing was...
2013-02-26  Arun Persaudbetter mysql-profiling output
2013-02-26  Arun Persaudreplaced two DB queries with one that is indexed.
2013-02-09  Arun Persaudmoved php from old mysql to myslqi to make things more...
2013-01-20  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fixed previous commit about sending mail in...
2013-01-19  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated German translation
2013-01-19  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: marked more strings for translation
2013-01-19  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: improved layout of about page
2013-01-19  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: fix footer
2013-01-19  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: send emails in utf-8
2013-01-17  Arun Persaudremove Altenburger Spielkarten, their copyright notice...
2013-01-17  Arun Persaudupdated copyright in footer to 2013
2013-01-16  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: use english language as default in set_language
2013-01-15  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: fixed some small issues
2013-01-15  Arun PersaudBUGIFX: added some set_language functions, fixed some...
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated German translation
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: marked more strings for translation
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fixed wrong uid value in mymail function
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated some strings
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated german translation
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: marked more messages for translation
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: move to compiled less to make things faster
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: some small CSS adjustments
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated german translation
2013-01-13  Arun PersaudTRANSLATION: updated setup for translation: use utf...
2013-01-12  Arun Persaudupdated copyright for 2013
2013-01-12  Arun Persaudfixed more language settings in email; marked more...
2012-12-31  Arun Persaudset languages can also be used by UID now; make mymail...
2012-12-31  Arun Persaudimproved language detection using browser information...
2012-12-10  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fix link to wiki on login page
2012-12-10  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fix disable of prev/next button in trick selector
2012-12-10  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: use bootstrap to style gravatar images
2012-12-10  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: fix score table layout
2012-12-10  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: make footer smaller
2012-12-10  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fix error when user is not logged in, but tries...
2012-12-09  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: highlight of prev/next trick didn't work all...
2012-12-09  Arun Persaudremoved unused variable in output.php
2012-12-09  Arun Persaudbootstrap: fixed login/register, footer, and navbar
2012-10-06  Arun Persaudstarting to bootstrap the layout: navbar and tricks
2012-10-06  Arun Persaudadded less, moved bootstrap to less components
2012-10-06  Arun Persaudupdated jquery, moved include to end of html page,...
2012-10-06  Arun Persaudadded bootstrap 2.1.1; fixed paths to match edoko ...
2012-10-06  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: if not logged in, don't show link to last game
2012-09-22  Arun Persaudupdated to better password hash: use crypt instead...
2012-09-22  Arun Persaudmarked more strings for translation
2012-09-22  Arun Persaudreplaces some more " with '
2012-09-22  Arun PersaudBUGIFX: leaked silent solo information in game type
2012-09-20  Arun PersaudLAYOUT/BUGFIX: fixed wrong scaling of cards that was...
2012-09-20  Arun Persaudadjusted some colors in css
2012-09-20  Arun Persaudanother few "->'
2012-09-20  Arun Persaudreplaces some more " with '
2012-09-20  Arun Persaudbetter message when working on the database or having...
2012-09-20  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: css index prevented user from selecting a radio...
2012-09-18  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: replaced " with ' in lots of places'; added...
2012-09-18  Arun PersaudMark the starting player until the game actually starts ;)
2012-09-18  Arun Persaudmark more strings for translation
2012-09-18  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: update status (healthy/sick) during pre-game...
2012-09-18  Arun Persaudfixed typo and added a comment
2012-06-13  Arun Persaudupdated translations
2012-06-13  Arun Persauduse gettext for Atom feed
2012-06-09  Arun PersaudRemove games from digest where the player already moved
2012-06-09  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: name variables in a more consistent way
2012-06-09  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: fixed layout bugs due to newer version of jquery
2012-06-09  Arun Persaudupdated jquery libraries to current version
2012-06-09  Arun Persaudupdated normalize.css to current version
2012-05-13  Arun Persaudupdated translation
2012-05-13  Arun Persaudmarked some more messages for translation
2012-05-10  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: gametype was displayed in pre-phase of the...
2012-05-09  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: move some text into the message box
2012-05-09  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: removed side effect from getting the user's...
2012-05-09  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: a typo in the variable name card_status trigger...
2012-05-09  Arun Persaudfixed typo in comment
2012-05-09  Arun Persaudmoved js files into their own directory
2012-05-09  Arun Persaudauto-versioning for js and css files. Needs .htaccess...
2012-02-20  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: if you win a trick, you don't have to reload...
2012-02-19  Arun Persaudspeed up get score table
2012-02-11  Arun Persaudupdated copyright notice for 2012
2012-02-11  Arun Persaudfixed margin collapse in .main (gray bar below header)
2012-02-04  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: fixed missing include in update_db.php
2012-02-04  Arun Persaudfixed showing re/contra call at beginning of game;...
2012-02-01  Arun Persaudfixed link to gravatar home page
2011-11-23  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: fixed position of .joingame (had left:0;)