2008-04-12  Andreas UnterkircherMerge commit 'origin/master' into nefformat
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherparse_uri() needs two parameters
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherupdate documentation
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherfix conflict in phpfspot_tmpl.php
2008-04-12  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'unki'
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkirchercommit current phpDocumentor docs
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkirchercode cleanups in rpc.php
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkirchertranslate_path() only needs one parameters. remove...
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkirchertranslate_path() only needs one parameters. remove...
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherfurther pimped code for phpDocumentor
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircheradded phpDocumentor tags to parts of the code
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircheradd
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherregister PHPFSPOT as global variable instead hand-over...
2008-04-12  Fabian Linzbergerfix spelling in welcome.tpl
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherregister PHPFSPOT as global variable instead hand-over...
2008-04-12  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'lefant'
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircherupdate GPL header and remove authors email address...
2008-04-12  Andreas Unterkircheradd GPL header and many comments to phpfspot.js
2008-04-07  Fabian Linzbergerfix spelling in welcome.tpl
2008-04-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue114, further pimped loading-notification
2008-03-30  Andreas Unterkircherissue113, fix getting EXIF data right in time for the...
2008-03-30  Andreas Unterkircherissue114, pimp AJAX-loading notification
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherspeedup lightbox2 resizing antimation
2008-03-29  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'master' into nefformat
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherissue112, preload previous and next photo in single...
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherissue112, enhanced preload functions for photo-index
2008-03-29  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'master' into nefformat
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherissue108, a bit more color for tag-cloud
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkirchercheck if Smarty engine is available is now done in...
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherissue107, make sqlite-temp directory configurable
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherupgedated CHANGELOG, README and UPGRADE
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherissue111, auto-completion can now be enabled/disabled...
2008-03-28  Andreas Unterkircherissue110, code changes for supporting Nokia NEF Format
2008-03-28  Andreas Unterkircherissue109, support PNG format
2008-03-28  Andreas Unterkircherpimped credits template a bit
2008-03-28  Andreas Unterkircherremove autocomplete and use autosuggest instead
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircherissue111, first try of auto completion for tag search box
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircherenable or disable lightbox2 preview with use_lightbox...
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircheronly show preview icon in photo index when use_lightbox...
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkirchermake the full photo name available for the lightbox...
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircherset version to 1.4
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircheradding lightbox2 for a preview effect out of the photo...
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircheradd some eyes as preview icon
2008-01-20  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'devel'
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue106, set link-id for prev- and next-link in photo...
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkirchercheck if thumbnail-directory is writeable
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkirchercode-cleanup to avoid PHP notice messages
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherfix config-check error
2008-01-20  Andreas UnterkircherCHANGELOG entry about new icons
2008-01-20  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'devel'
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue101, fix another misbehaviour when seting display...
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue101, fix some IE bugs around zooming
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherexplain why alert-boxes appear
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue102, add now function which finds out the correct...
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherexplain why alert-boxes appear
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue102, add now function which finds out the correct...
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue105, added missing var keyword
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue104, when autobrowse is active, ensure pause icon...
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherusing more icons from the Nuovo icon kit
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkirchernew icons for original-image and photo-index
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkircherissue101, adding zooming as feature to changelog
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkircherissue101, zooming
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkircherissue102, when scrolling up to display photo-view,...
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkircherissue102, use javascript to jump to the correct thumbna...
2008-01-18  Andreas Unterkircherissue103, ensure showPhotoIndex() returns to the right...
2008-01-18  Andreas Unterkircherissue102, when calling showImage() from photo-index...
2008-01-15  Andreas Unterkircheruse HTML_AJAXs replace function to alter content of...
2008-01-15  Andreas Unterkircherauto-move browser window up when displaying single...
2008-01-14  Andreas Unterkircherbeautify single photo header
2008-01-14  Andreas Unterkircherupdated CHANGELOG about new search and dups-search...
2008-01-14  Andreas Unterkirchershow newer photos first when opening phpfspot
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue100, add/remove tag and tag-condition use HTTP...
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue100, switch search to POST HTTP
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue99, search for filename and photo description
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue98, php script to locate duplicate images
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue98, debug-message when cleaning up the database
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue98, add function to clean up phpfspot database
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherchange text of where the welcome template can be found
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherpimped welcome.tpl with some random pictures
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue93, add note to navigation buttons about cursor...
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherwrap line in header when display time-range results
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherfixed sql query for tag-search
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherrearranged CHANGELOG file
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue97, add missing DISTINCT keyword to SQL query
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue96, CHANGELOG note about config check
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue96, move config check to phpfspot main class
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue95, new sort order to group by tags
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherupdated version to 1.3
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue93, photo-index and reset-all via access key
2008-01-10  Andreas Unterkircherissue89, fix auto-rotation based on EXIF Orientation
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherused AND to add a show_tag constrait, but in case there...
2008-01-06  Andreas UnterkircherfetchSingleRow wasn't used before and produced a bug...
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherremove the rows x cols logic
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherfixed height of thumbnail boxes
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherfixed html typo
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, reduce html table usage in search-box
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, tag selection is now html-table free
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, fixed position of photo-index navigation after...
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherrefixed a little bug when modifying tag selection
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue92, fill alt-attribute with filename