use HTML_AJAXs replace function to alter content of content-div
[phpfspot.git] / themes / default / templates / single_photo.tpl
2008-01-15  Andreas Unterkircheruse HTML_AJAXs replace function to alter content of...
2008-01-15  Andreas Unterkircherauto-move browser window up when displaying single...
2008-01-14  Andreas Unterkircherbeautify single photo header
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue93, add note to navigation buttons about cursor...
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue92, fill alt-attribute with filename
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, further cleanup code after removing html tables
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue93, jump to next/prev photo with cursor keys
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, made single-photo view without html tables
2007-12-31  Andreas Unterkircherdefault theme, avoid main content jumping around by...
2007-12-31  Andreas Unterkircheradd some helpful text to photo-view nav buttons
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue56, play and pause of autobrowsing is now possible
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue61, theme support