issue111, auto-completion can now be enabled/disabled via config option
[phpfspot.git] / themes / default / templates / search.tpl
2008-03-29  Andreas Unterkircherissue111, auto-completion can now be enabled/disabled...
2008-03-28  Andreas Unterkircherremove autocomplete and use autosuggest instead
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircherissue111, first try of auto completion for tag search box
2008-01-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue99, search for filename and photo description
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, reduce html table usage in search-box
2008-01-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, outer page skeleton is now table free
2008-01-01  Andreas Unterkirchersort-order is now set via AJAX, not while submit a...
2008-01-01  Andreas Unterkircherdefault theme, make sort-select box a template function
2007-12-31  Andreas Unterkircheradditional submit-button for change sort-order
2007-07-28  Andreas Unterkircherblue search-submit buttons
2007-07-28  Andreas Unterkircherissue67, when called from an external link, also check...
2007-07-26  Andreas Unterkircherissue66, calendar is now shown on the right position...
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue61, theme support