changing primary font to Verdana
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2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue41, remove any trace of the javascript bubble
2007-07-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue40, some identitity note at the bottom of the...
2007-07-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, added first try of external link to directly...
2007-07-11  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, added a nice export icon
2007-07-11  Andreas Unterkircherimproved the welcome text
2007-07-10  Andreas Unterkircherissue29, when the mouse keeps staying over the link...
2007-07-10  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, template for gallery export
2007-07-10  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, first trial of gallery export for HTML and...
2007-07-08  Andreas Unterkircherissue33, fixed nasty IE viewing page selectors wrong
2007-07-08  Andreas Unterkircherissue32, hide navigation photo if user tag-selection...
2007-07-08  Andreas Unterkircherplace a horiz. line between photo details and preview...
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherissue31, added a nice icon for the photo preview in...
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherremoved information icon - more or less useless
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherissue31, a mini preview of the previous and next photo...
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherissue24, seperated search functions into their own...
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherissue24, some html changes so the left column can be...
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherblur the focus on mouse click
2007-07-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, beginning implementation
2007-07-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue21, reordered photo index and added some nice...
2007-07-05  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, now using a nice link icon
2007-07-05  Andreas Unterkircheralso show a hint that the photo index can be displayed by
2007-07-04  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, if user jumps into from an external link,...
2007-07-04  Andreas Unterkircherissue26, added some mouseover text which will explain...
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue20, use <a>-anchor to directly jump to the right...
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue20, jumping back to the right multipage is now...
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherinstead of empty cells, show now grayed icons if first...
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue6, page selector - a first try
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherremove unity from template, its now provided via php...
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircheralso display an little icon near the "pic is also liste...
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircherfavicon
2007-06-25  Andreas Unterkirchersome style improvements on photo view
2007-06-24  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, first try of external links, this time for...
2007-06-23  Andreas Unterkircherrenamed search to tagsearch
2007-06-23  Andreas Unterkircherlimit width/height for thumb display
2007-06-23  Andreas Unterkircherissue6, first implementation of paged photo index view
2007-06-19  Andreas Unterkircheralternate text if thumbnail is not available
2007-06-19  Andreas Unterkircherspecify an empty action for xhtml validation
2007-06-19  Andreas Unterkirchersome xhtml 1.0 cleanup
2007-06-19  Andreas Unterkircherfixed content type header
2007-06-16  Andreas Unterkircherissue8, also specify ID for <img>
2007-06-16  Andreas Unterkircherword iteration
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkirchersome additional icons for single photo view
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherbetter style for single photo details
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherdisplay additional infos like Exif data, additional...
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkirchernew photo index icon
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherthe loupe is an ordinary image, no form button
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherbetter display of tag condition
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherissue2, first tag cloud implementation
2007-06-13  Andreas Unterkirchertext change in welcome template
2007-06-12  Andreas Unterkircherblur on big image link buttons
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkirchershow different view for tag- & search-results in photo...
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherfirst tag search functionality
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkirchernew icon for full resolution view
2007-06-09  Andreas Unterkircherfirst implementation of "selected tag condition"
2007-06-09  Andreas Unterkirchersome style fixes
2007-06-09  Andreas Unterkirchersome nice icons for available and selected tags
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkirchershow an icon for credits
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircherwhen click on the loupe open a new window and display...
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircherset width on navigation cells
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircheruse more icons
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircheruse a different layer name for single_photos to avoid
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircherif we specify the image size before, the screen doesn...
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircheraccording some colleagues on a click on the picture...
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircherenhanced welcome message
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircherdisplay some meta data informations
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircheruse some icons in single photo view
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchersome nice credit page
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircherrestyle single photo view
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircherno borders in bubble
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchercenter bubble text
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchershow additional infos in the image preview bubble
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchernice bubble preview in photo index view
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchersome style improvements
2007-06-06  Andreas Unterkirchersome style fixes
2007-06-06  Andreas Unterkircherdon't try to show non existing images in index matrix
2007-06-06  Andreas Unterkircherdisplay photo index as matrix
2007-06-06  Andreas Unterkircheruse a template for the photo index
2007-06-05  Andreas Unterkirchersome first draft of an working photo index page
2007-06-05  Andreas Unterkirchera little welcome page
2007-06-05  Andreas Unterkircherrenamed single photo display file
2007-06-05  Andreas Unterkircherajax based add/remove/reset tag list
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircherinlcude AJAX files
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkirchersome style fix
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircherdiv and stylesheet support
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircherinitial import of smarty templates