instead of empty cells, show now grayed icons if first or last object reached
[phpfspot.git] / stylesheet.css
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircherensure the browser does not wrap the photo index title...
2007-06-24  Andreas Unterkircherlimit line-height in tags-listing
2007-06-20  Andreas Unterkircherfinally fixed tags display width problem
2007-06-19  Andreas Unterkirchermax the tag tab scrollable - don't know yet why the...
2007-06-18  Andreas Unterkirchersome stylesheet cleanup
2007-06-16  Andreas Unterkircherremove visited-links style
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherbetter style for single photo details
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkircherissue2, first tag cloud implementation
2007-06-12  Andreas Unterkirchertag style changes
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherfirst tag search functionality
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircheruse a different layer name for single_photos to avoid
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchershow additional infos in the image preview bubble
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchersome style improvements
2007-06-06  Andreas Unterkirchersome style fixes
2007-06-06  Andreas Unterkirchersome cleanup
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircherinitial stylesheet