issue120, parse_user_friendly_url() did an unwanted session cleanup
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2008-05-11  Andreas Unterkircherfix conflicts during merge of Arun's tree
2008-05-11  Andreas Unterkircherfix conflicts in single_photo.tpl
2008-05-04  Andreas Unterkircheruse smaller action icons
2008-04-27  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'issue115'
2008-04-27  Andreas Unterkircherunderbar.png
2008-04-27  Andreas Unterkircherunderbar.png
2008-04-12  Andreas UnterkircherMerge commit 'origin/master' into nefformat
2008-03-30  Andreas Unterkircherissue114, pimp AJAX-loading notification
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircheradd some eyes as preview icon
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherusing more icons from the Nuovo icon kit
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkirchernew icons for original-image and photo-index
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkircherissue101, zooming
2007-11-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue62, rss-feed icon
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue46, slideshow control (rew, pause/play/stop, fwd)
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue56, play and pause of autobrowsing is now possible
2007-07-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue46, added a nice slideshow icon
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue41, remove any trace of the javascript bubble
2007-07-11  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, added a nice export icon
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherissue31, added a nice icon for the photo preview in...
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherremoved information icon - more or less useless
2007-07-05  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, now using a nice link icon
2007-07-04  Andreas Unterkircherissue26, new icon
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherinstead of empty cells, show now grayed icons if first...
2007-07-01  Andreas Unterkircherbeautify some warning messages
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircheradded a smaller version fo the available-tags icon...
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircherfavicon
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkirchersome additional icons for single photo view
2007-06-15  Andreas Unterkirchernew photo index icon
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkirchera doit image button
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherresized loupe.png to 24x24
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkirchernew icon for full resolution view
2007-06-09  Andreas Unterkirchersome nice icons for available and selected tags
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkirchershow an icon for credits
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircheradd reload icon
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkirchernew information icon
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkirchernew icons for moving forward or back
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircheradditional fancy icons
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircheruse some icons in single photo view
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircherphotoshop does the job
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircherhopefully fixed tansparency effect
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircherlarger bubbles
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkircherone bubble for above target, the other one for below
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchernice bubble preview in photo index view