enable or disable lightbox2 preview with use_lightbox config var
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2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircherenable or disable lightbox2 preview with use_lightbox...
2008-03-27  Andreas Unterkircheradding lightbox2 for a preview effect out of the photo...
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue77, make Smarty path configureable
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue61, theme support
2007-07-15  Andreas Unterkircheradded GPL headers to all PHP scripts
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkirchernot a good idea to extend classes with already existing...
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircheradditional function to return parsed template as string
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircherinitial import