issue102, when scrolling up to display photo-view, blank the screen while it's gettin...
[phpfspot.git] / phpfspot_cfg.php.dist
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue96, move config check to phpfspot main class
2008-01-06  Andreas Unterkircherremove the rows x cols logic
2008-01-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue59, new config option
2007-11-24  Andreas Unterkircherissue79, show only certain tags
2007-11-24  Andreas Unterkircherissue78, remove not more necessary check for version...
2007-11-24  Andreas Unterkircherissue78, move version information to main class
2007-11-09  Andreas Unterkircherfixed default directories in example config file
2007-11-09  Andreas Unterkircherset version to 1.1
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue76, check if thumb_path is set
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue76, make thumbnail directory configureable
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkirchertypo fix
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue77, specify default smarty_path for Debian absolut
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue77, check if smarty_path variable is set
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue77, make Smarty path configureable
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherfix variable name syntax for base_path
2007-11-01  Andreas Unterkircherissue75, support for database access via PDO sqlite
2007-08-18  Andreas Unterkircherchanged version number to 1.0
2007-07-24  Andreas Unterkircherissue44, first code changes for error logging
2007-07-22  Andreas Unterkircherissue61, theme support
2007-07-21  Andreas Unterkircherissue58, auto-append pending slash if missing
2007-07-15  Andreas Unterkircheradded GPL headers to all PHP scripts
2007-07-13  Andreas Unterkircherissue39, check if all necessary config params are set
2007-07-07  Andreas Unterkircherissue31, a mini preview of the previous and next photo...
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkirchermove phpfspot cfg in a dist-config. ignore phpfspot_cfg...