issue60, current paging variable must be unset on photo index redraw
[phpfspot.git] / phpfspot.js
2007-07-21  Andreas Unterkircherissue56, check if next-link-anchor is still here in...
2007-07-21  Andreas Unterkircherissue56, auto switch in single photo view
2007-07-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue46, first slideshow implementation
2007-07-18  Andreas Unterkircherissue54, sort order can now be modified
2007-07-17  Andreas Unterkircherissue50, further code changes to be able to combine...
2007-07-17  Andreas Unterkircherissue45, first learning lessons with image preloading
2007-07-17  Andreas Unterkircherissue50, on date-search don't touch the current tag...
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherremove a unnecessary AJAX call
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, all external links have been tested again...
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue42, reset-all is now also refreshing the views
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, remove any value from tag-search-input-valid...
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue24, first trial of date search is now included
2007-07-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue41, remove any trace of the javascript bubble
2007-07-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, added first try of external link to directly...
2007-07-10  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, first trial of gallery export for HTML and...
2007-07-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue27, beginning implementation
2007-07-06  Andreas Unterkircherissue21, reordered photo index and added some nice...
2007-07-04  Andreas Unterkircherissue13, if user jumps into from an external link,...
2007-07-04  Andreas Unterkircherset a startup variable. unset it with the first call...
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircherissue18, invoke clearSearch on reset
2007-06-30  Andreas Unterkircheron reset also reset tag search result
2007-06-25  Andreas Unterkircherissue17, add a "Loading" text when tags-list getting...
2007-06-23  Andreas Unterkircherrenamed search to tagsearch
2007-06-23  Andreas Unterkircherissue6, first implementation of paged photo index view
2007-06-14  Andreas Unterkircherissue7 - some IE compatibility fixes
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherdon't touch tag selection anymore on tag-search
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherfixed syntax error in phpfspot.js
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherfirst tag search functionality
2007-06-11  Andreas Unterkircherfirst helper for search functionality
2007-06-09  Andreas Unterkircherfirst implementation of "selected tag condition"
2007-06-09  Andreas Unterkirchersome style fixes
2007-06-08  Andreas Unterkircherif the photo index is displayed and the tag selection
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchersome nice credit page
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchershow additional infos in the image preview bubble
2007-06-07  Andreas Unterkirchernice bubble preview in photo index view
2007-06-05  Andreas Unterkirchersome first draft of an working photo index page
2007-06-05  Andreas Unterkircherajax based add/remove/reset tag list
2007-06-04  Andreas Unterkircherinitial import