adding lightbox2 for a preview effect out of the photo index
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2008-01-20  Andreas UnterkircherCHANGELOG entry about new icons
2008-01-20  Andreas UnterkircherMerge branch 'devel'
2008-01-20  Andreas Unterkircherissue102, add now function which finds out the correct...
2008-01-19  Andreas Unterkircherissue101, adding zooming as feature to changelog
2008-01-14  Andreas Unterkircherupdated CHANGELOG about new search and dups-search...
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherrearranged CHANGELOG file
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue96, CHANGELOG note about config check
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherissue95, new sort order to group by tags
2008-01-12  Andreas Unterkircherupdated version to 1.3
2007-12-30  Andreas Unterkircherupdated timestamp in CHANGELOG for 1.2 release phpfspot-1.2
2007-12-30  Andreas UnterkircherCHANGELOG note update compatibilty to F-Spot 0.4 and...
2007-11-25  Andreas Unterkircherupdated version to 1.2
2007-11-09  Andreas Unterkirchercorrected change log time for 1.1 version
2007-11-03  Andreas Unterkircherissue76 & 77, update CHANGELOG
2007-11-01  Andreas Unterkircheradded changelog entries for version 1.1
2007-11-01  Andreas Unterkircherdebian style changelog file