phpfspot install howto:

* requirements
 - apache/apache2 (in fact any webserver which supports php)
 - php5
   - the following extensions must be available
     (compiled in or as shared object):
     * gd
     * sqlite3 (native or as PDO driver)
   - PEAR extensions (pear install %name%)
     * Calendar
     * Date
     * HTML_AJAX
 - Smarty (php template engine,
 - sqlite3
* installation

 1. copy the sample phpfspot-config-file to your new config file

    cp phpfspot_cfg.php.dist phpfspot_cfg.php

 2. Edit phpfspot_cfg.php and edit the necessary configuration
    parameters. This file also include explanation of each option.
    Take care that the path to the f-spot database (photos.db)
    and the f-spot photo base directory (usally Photos) is set

 3. Open phpfspot in our favourite browser. The URL depends what
    you have specify as $webpath in the configuration var. But
    usually it will be http://myserver/phpfspot (where myserver
    is your webservers IP, server name, virtual host name, ...).

 4. To pre-create all thumbnails invoke the script gen_thumbs.php

    cd ${phpfspot_home}
    "php gen_thumbs.php" (if execute-permission is not set)

    thumbnails can also be created on-the-fly by the webserver but
    this will take away a lot of resources of your system during
    thumb-generation. pre-creation on the shell works faster.

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