phpfspot (1.4)

  * feature, support PNG image format.
  * feature, auto-completion for tag-search.
  * feature, lightbox2 for photo preview out of the photo index.
  * feature, a bit more color for tag-cloud.
  * bug, SQlite temporary directory can now be set in phpfspot_cfg.php
  * bug, modify AJAX-loading notification. Standard HTML_AJAX is getting overlayed.

 -- Andreas Unterkircher <>  Sat, 29 Mar 2008 11:00:00 +0100

phpfspot (1.3)

  * bug, fixed auto-rotation when EXIF Orientation header is set.
  * bug, fixed incorrect time-range when using external-url to enter phpfspot.
  * bug, display also photos which have no tags.
  * bug, sometimes photos where displayed several times.
  * bug, fixed image handling which were slender enough, but too high.
  * bug, fix for PDO sqlite when trying to fetch one single row (contributed by
  * bug, fix for incorrect SQL query (contributed by Arun Persaud).
  * bug, fixed window-movement when switching between photo index & photo
  * feature, removed much of HTML tables to speed up GUI & CSS cleanup
  * feature, key navigation (next/prev photo, photo index, reset all).
  * feature, gen_thumbs.php has a new overwrite-thumbnails option.
  * feature, max. thumb height can now be changed in config settings.
    Arun Persaud).
  * feature, new sort order which will group photos by tag-names (alphabetical).
  * feature, simplified config file by moving config-check out to the main class file.
  * feature, script to search for duplicated photos via comparing MD5 hash sums.
  * feature, search for filename's and through photo descriptions.
  * feature, zooming
  * feature, new icon's from the Nuovo icon set.

 -- Andreas Unterkircher <>  Sat, 12 Jan 2008 11:00:00 +0100

phpfspot (1.2)

  * Show only user-definied tags and pictures (contributed by Arun Persaud).
  * handling introduced database layout of F-Spot 0.4.x
  * cleaning up code to avoid PHP warning messages on E_ALL

 -- Andreas Unterkircher <>  Fri, 30 Dec 2007 20:03:38 +0100

phpfspot (1.1)

  * new thumbnail directory strcuture inspired by GIT's directory structure
    (contributed by Arun Persaud).
  * support for RSS feed (v2.0)
  * support for PHP5's PDO (PHP Data Objects) to access sqlite3 database
    (contributed by Arun Persaud).
  * additional configurable options
    - Path to smarty
    - Path to store thumbnails

 -- Andreas Unterkircher <>  Fri, 09 Nov 2007 18:41:00 +0100

phpfspot (1.0)

  * first major release

 -- Andreas Unterkircher <>  Sat, 18 Aug 2007 16:36:00 +0200

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