better display of description and time for a single photo
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2013-02-22  Arun Persaudbetter display of description and time for a single... master
2013-01-20  Arun Persaudadded licence
2012-11-17  Arun Persaudshow search tags, current tags, and tags of the current...
2012-11-17  Arun Persaudadd keyboard shortcuts for prev/next image
2012-11-17  Arun Persaudsome code cleanup
2012-11-17  Arun Persauddisplay new tags in green on mouseover
2012-11-17  Arun Persaudadded information when displaying a single picture
2012-11-10  Arun Persaudsmall whitespace cleanup
2012-11-10  Arun Persaudfixed tag display and clicking on a tag button now...
2012-11-10  Arun Persaudfixed tagcloud
2012-10-17  Arun Persaudmore bootstrap integration, cleanup and some small...
2012-09-26  Arun Persaudfixed pagination to work correctly on index page
2012-09-25  Arun Persaudadded Bootstrap and converted some parts the pagination...
2012-06-03  Arun Persaudadded init function for code that needs to be called...
2012-06-03  Arun Persaudmoved javascript into separate file
2012-06-03  Arun Persaudmoved javascript into its own directory