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2012-06-03  Arun Persaudmoved css files into their own directory
2012-06-03  Arun Persaudmoved icons into their own directory
2012-02-09  Arun Persauduse d3.js enter/exit; don't reload the whole page,...
2012-02-08  Arun Persaudsome small cleanup
2012-02-08  Arun Persaudfixed page_index to advance when we click on a thumbnai...
2012-02-08  Arun Persaudfix permalink
2012-02-08  Arun Persaudclean up and use a variable for the web base address...
2012-02-08  Arun Persaudadded function for permalink update
2012-02-07  Arun Persaudadded prev/next arrows on top of single picture
2012-02-01  Arun Persaudremoved debug output
2012-02-01  Arun Persaudadd prev/next pictures for easier slide show mode
2012-01-25  Arun Persaudtune tagcloud a bit
2012-01-25  Arun Persaudfix autocomplete of tags
2012-01-24  Arun Persaudadded a tag cloud
2012-01-23  Arun Persaudcleanup and new features
2011-12-03  Arun Persaudadd a link to the new redmine bug tracker; fixes #72
2011-11-27  Arun Persauddon't show page index if there is only one page
2011-11-27  Arun Persaudfix displaying of tags that include a whitespace (use...
2011-11-27  Arun Persaudfix automatic tag completion
2011-11-27  Arun Persaudescape all users input strings
2011-11-27  Arun Persaudupdated showing of page index
2011-11-26  Arun Persaudinitial support for tag search
2011-11-25  Arun Persaudadd a basic index of all pages...
2011-11-25  Arun Persaudadded a permalink and use clean urls
2011-11-24  Arun Persaudmake index.php page aware; make default page start...
2011-11-24  Arun Persaudmake number of pictures/page a config option; replace...
2011-11-23  Arun Persaudfirst few files for my tag-gallery... hopefully more...