bugfix? game entry wasn't added to DB, hope it is fixed now
[e-DoKo.git] / standard.css
2006-12-07  arunnew database backend... kind of working
2006-12-04  arun some small changes
2006-11-30  arunnew design once again, lots of bugfixes and cleaning up
2006-11-28  arunnot quite where I want it to be, but perhaps good enoug...
2006-11-26  arunbugfix: the next player was set incorrectly after a...
2006-11-24  arunsome more design changes
2006-11-24  arunnew layout
2006-11-24  arunsome small bugfixes, added better layout
2006-11-23  arunplayers can now make comments, added <div> to some...