added link to the wiki for debugging
[e-DoKo.git] / index.php
2006-11-22  arunadded link to the wiki for debugging
2006-11-22  arunshow cards every time, in case you are playing, make...
2006-11-21  arunfixed some bugs, pages should be xhtml now, sent out...
2006-11-20  arunsolo should be working, >5 nines too
2006-11-18  arunstarted to work on the solo, etc stuff
2006-11-18  arunplayed the first complete game :)
2006-11-18  arunadded some debugging functionality
2006-11-18  arunadding email support
2006-11-18  arunadding email test for
2006-11-18  aruna complete game, including counting points is now possi...
2006-11-17  aruncards are now deleted from your hand, still need to...
2006-11-17  arunstill missing some checks, but got a lot further
2006-11-14  arunInitial import