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2010-03-05  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: moved more statistics into the sortable table
2010-02-07  Arun Persaudadded copyright notice and GPL reference
2009-08-07  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: counted cancled games as active games in the...
2009-02-13  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE + CLEANUP: added some table sorting to...
2009-01-16  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: fixed a typo, changed copyright, added Jeff...
2008-12-12  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: added a statistic that shows how fast...
2008-10-21  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: make user menu and personal notes appear again
2008-09-18  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: solo statistics didn't include silent solo
2008-09-14  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: statistics for contra/re calls, no90,...
2008-07-09  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: nice and shiny
2008-06-28  Arun PersaudMerge branch 'master' of nubati.net/git/e-DoKo
2008-06-17  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: login button
2008-06-08  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: added caching to stats.php
2008-06-02  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: statistics of most solos per game
2008-05-30  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: used tidy to clean up the HTML
2008-05-26  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: floating tables on the statistics page
2008-05-26  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: more tables on the statistics page
2008-05-26  Arun PersaudLAYOUT: applied new table output to statistics page
2008-05-09  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: reorganized the 'init' phase of a game
2008-05-07  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: removed all calls to mysql functions and repla...
2008-05-05  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURES: show global statistic
2008-05-02  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: moved the statistics page into the include...