CLEANUP: cleaned up CSS a bit
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2008-11-01  Arun PersaudCLEANUP: cleaned up CSS a bit
2008-10-21  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: make user menu and personal notes appear again
2008-09-12  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: new password needs to be at least 4 characters...
2008-06-28  Arun PersaudMerge branch 'master' of
2008-06-17  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: login button
2008-05-24  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: automatically accept new games
2008-05-16  Arun PersaudBUGFIX: wrong messages for email notification in prefer...
2008-05-10  Arun PersaudNEW FEATURE: new settings page, user can now change...