a bit of code cleanup
[e-DoKo.git] / functions.php
2007-01-16  arunfixed the new sorting algorithm
2007-01-16  arunnew sort function; should sorrt correctly for solos,etc
2007-01-12  arunsome small bugfixes
2007-01-12  arunadded email to all players, in case someone cancled...
2007-01-12  arunserver keeps score now, several small bugfixes
2007-01-10  arunadded list of finished games to user page
2007-01-08  arunFEATURE: added solo and now you also can only play...
2007-01-04  arunbugfix: names and table show up all the time now;
2006-12-21  arunfixed a lot of bugs, started to work on solos, moved...
2006-12-19  arunstarted on adding support for different solo games...
2006-12-15  arunadded a new php file for html output only
2006-12-13  arun a bit more cleanup in the layout
2006-12-13  arunadded two new features: local time and a link to the...
2006-12-12  arunplayers should get emails again, if it is there turn
2006-12-12  arunadded a config file (not under VC)
2006-12-12  arunsmall bugfixes to get comments for examples comments...
2006-12-11  arunadded timezone for .nz
2006-12-08  arunbugfix? game entry wasn't added to DB, hope it is fixed now
2006-12-08  arunadded timezone for berkeley
2006-12-08  arunadded local time output
2006-12-08  arun basic user page, list available users and link to...
2006-12-07  aruntables seems to be case sensitive on dreamhost...fixed it
2006-12-07  arunnew database backend... kind of working