BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfixed path problem (missing "/")Arun Persaud11 years
phpfspot-1.2.1commit afadeef5cc...Andreas Unterkircher14 years
phpfspot-1.2commit 797d33d5dc...Andreas Unterkircher14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2010-12-08fixed path problem (missing "/")HEADmasterArun Persaud1
2010-02-28started my own themeArun Persaud13
2010-02-22fixed rotation: for some reason 90 and 270 degrees had to be switchedArun Persaud1
2010-01-15code cleanupAndreas Unterkircher1
2010-01-15issue #316 makes it necessary to urldecode F-Spots photo uri, fixes #317Andreas Unterkircher1
2010-01-09photos table now contains separate columns for path and filename, fixes #316Andreas Unterkircher1
2009-05-30update docs for 1.7 releaseAndreas Unterkircher21
2009-05-30update INSTALL and UPGRADE fileAndreas Unterkircher2
2009-05-30* add option to control photo path-substituion, resolves #180Andreas Unterkircher3
2009-05-23also check if template variable isn't emptyAndreas Unterkircher1