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+This are some simple php files and bash scripts to display your F-spot
+photos including information from the data-base on a webpage.
+You can exclude/include certain tags incase you want for example on
+show pictures on the web that were tagged "Public".
+To use the scripts copy config.ini_template to config.ini, edit it and
+then run for example
+ --include='Public'
+This will create a new smaller database that only contains information
+about pictures with the Public tag. Next run
+This script creates thumbnails of all pictures and save them in local
+directories. I will only create 100 pictures though, so you will need
+to run it several times. This is done, so that you can easily run it
+via cron for example every hour on a remote server without creating
+jobs that last forever.
+Ones this is done you can visit index.php and everything should be working.
+Feel free to fork, send in patches, make suggestions.
+Arun Persaud \ No newline at end of file